Play zone

How much time do you spend ‘connected’? In this zone, you’ll get to play with some of the latest high-tech toys. Experience drone racing, try to outrun a professional rugby player, and get creative!


NZTA Autonomate


Be part of the transport revolution! Debug our autonomous cars to complete a test track, and imagine what a future full of autonomous vehicles might mean for us.

Vic uni sonic arts student

Future music

Music isn’t just violins and guitars! Listen to a robotic glockenspiel, music made by a number machine, and the most unusual saxophone you’ve ever seen. These are some of the zany instruments and contraptions built by students in the Sonic Arts and Music Technology programme at Victoria University.


Wellington drone racing

Drone Racing

The fast paced brand new sport of drone racing is at the leading edge of technology and engineering.

Kids taking part in a Hutt Science experiment

Discovering the future

Hands-on science and technology activities to engage and enthuse both young and old. Have fun taking part in a wide range of demonstrations and experiments while learning more about the possibilities and opportunities of science and technology education for our future.

AR sandbox

AR Sandbox

How can Augmented Reality (AR) help us understand the impacts of things like severe weather and earthworks on land topography? The Wellington Institute of Technology (WelTec) has created the AR Sandbox to enable users to shape sand into 3D models, which is then recreated in digital form, to understand the impact of humans on land.

Ara Journeys app

Ara Journeys

An exciting new tech platform is helping to bring mātauranga Māori and physical activity together with a new AR app, Ko Ngā Haerenga a Manu (Journeys of Manu). Join us to unlock Manu’s hidden features and games.

Zippy colouring

Zippy Colouring

See your artworks come to life in 3D and experience the world’s first Augmented Reality Māori alphabet book.

VX Sports

Run like a rugby player

VX Sport make wearable devices that collect physical data from NZ rugby and netball sport stars. At the Festival, you can take part in their obstacle course, wearing those same devices. Come along and see how you measure up!

Alien Junk Monsters

Alien Junk Monsters

Created from waste materials sourced from skips, dumps, tips, roadsides and recycling facilities, the Alien Junk Monsters are here to entertain with their funky percussive antics, while promoting a message of waste-minimisation, recycling and creative re-use of waste material.

Our future city

Your chance to get creative and share ideas with your community about what your future city will look like.

Naenae tech

Where creativity meets imagination. See the technology that the young people of Naenae Clubhouse are using to create their latest innovations!

Robot talk

RobotMagic teaches science and technology using real and simulated robots. Try your hand at programming a drone and using a virtual robot.

Tech fun from libraries

Have fun playing with robots, using 3D printers and building your own LEGO Mindstorm robot. Loads of fun for the whole family!

Playground of the future

Use modelling, drawing, technology and imagination to collaborate and create a playground for the future.

Where does our waste go?

As more people live in cities and produce ever more waste, where will all of this rubbish go? Play a game to explore where our waste ends up and design better alternatives for the future.

Science now for a better future

Explore some future science solutions to today’s challenges – everything from superconductors to infusoria.