Home zone

The way we live has changed considerably in the past 30 years. What will daily life be like in 2050? Taste-test some surprising foods and find out how to be more sustainable at home.


Tiny home on the move

Tiny homes on the move

There’s a growing trend in housing, and it’s tiny. Tiny homes are small, self-contained dwellings that could offer a cheaper, and more sustainable way to live. They’re often built with recycled materials, and use clever design to fit everything into a limited space. Come along to see one on display!


Wellington Water - Aquarius

Making a splash

Water will be one of the defining issues of our future cities. Wellington Water will show you why it is increasingly important that we all conserve water, and how you can do that every time you turn on the tap or flush the loo.



Feel the heat

As our climate changes and populations grow, it will become more and more important we find efficient sources of energy. Hutt City Council’s Eco Design team will showcase some of the differences in heat sources for your home using thermal cameras, and offer advice. If you come along, you might leave with a thermal selfie!


Fire and emergency NZ

High-tech firefighting

For the first time Fire and Emergency NZ will showcase its technology based equipment that protects fire fighters and our community.


whare hauora

Healthy homes

Whare Hauora is a social enterprise that creates tiny, low-cost sensors that you can use in your home. The units measure temperature and humidity and compare them to World Health Organisation limits for healthy homes. Learn how your home can be more healthy using new, smart technology.



A SNUG to call your own

More people means more homes. How will we create places for everyone to live? PrefabNZ have designed 12 SNUG homes, small homes that can fit in your back garden. The homes are manufactured offsite, which means less time building onsite, less disruption and higher quality. Explore the 12 SNUG finalists through displayed models and talk with designers about how they were built.



Feel the earth move

Experience the latest technology used to measure how land moves in an earthquake. See for yourself how EQRNet’s high-tech seismic monitoring system can help make our cities safer. This world first service is a direct response to the lessons of the Christchurch and Kaikoura earthquakes and is currently being trialled here in Lower Hutt.


resene smart touch

Paint or light switch?

In the future you might not need a light switch – just a press of a painted surface and voila, light’s on! Come and play with the newest paint technology from Resene, the company providing paints everywhere, from rockets to America’s Cup boats.


scorpion lollipop

Creepy crawlies

Are you brave enough to try a lightly salted insect? How about a brownie made with cricket flour? Come and try a taste of future foods that are not only environmentally sustainable but also delicious and nutritious!


Meat free mince

What will your burger be made of in the future? Future foods will be made of meat alternatives that use less land and water, are cheaper and just as nutritious. Taste-test some meat replacements, and see what all the fuss is about.