Commute zone

Have you ever wondered how traffic lights work? Or how future generations might travel to work and school? In this zone, you’ll get the chance to test-drive electric vehicles, and find out how technology can improve your commute.



Improve your morning commute

Maptionnaire is a fun, online tool you can use to share where you travel regularly and how those trips can be improved. Have fun ‘pinning’ where you like to live, work and play and help us make travel around our city safer, easier and faster in the future!

Test drive an EV at dowse square

Test drive a car of the future

Most experts agree that cars in the future will be electric. Come and test drive an electric vehicle and find out how they will transform our transportation industry.

Nissan leaf xray

How do electric cars work?

To show how electric cars work, EV City have cut a Nissan LEAF in half! Fully functional, the demonstration car XRay is the first exhibit of its kind designed to show the inner workings of an electric car.

PWC virtual reality

Explore a city of the future

PwC London bring this virtual reality experience to New Zealand for the first time. Experience how technology could change your day-to-day life in the future, from getting coffee to your morning commute and dinner plans at night. This is your chance to experience a future world and how your life might change as a result of new technology.

Historic photo of the Ford Factory in Lower Hutt

Ford in Lower Hutt

Visit the Ford container on Andrews Avenue during Te Wā Heke. The Ford factory in Seaview is an iconic symbol of the history of motor vehicle production in Lower Hutt. As well as reflecting on the incredible contribution of Ford in our community we’ll explore Ford’s City of Tomorrow which showcases a futuristic transportation operating system shaped by total multi-modal mobility.

Electric bike


Want a quick commute to work without being stuck in traffic or worrying about traffic costs? Ebikes are an increasingly popular transport mode that is both sustainable and will keep you fit. Talk to Wellington Electric Bikes about their bikes for hire and sale, or how they can convert your favourite bike into an electric one.

HTS traffic lights in Wellington

Stuck in traffic

Ever wondered what happens when you push the button at a pedestrian crossing, or thought about how traffic lights detect cars? What about ticket readers on buses? Lower Hutt organisation, HTS Group, will be showcasing just some of the technologies that keep us moving.

Lime Scooters

Lime scooters

“Microtransport” is the name for things like scooters, bikes and other small, low-speed vehicles that are expanding the options available for getting around cities. Come and learn more about Lime e-scooters, which were introduced to Lower Hutt late last year on a trial basis. How does this technology work and how do they decide where scooters are placed and how many to deploy?

Ride our bicycle

Bike sharing schemes, like scooters, are part of the “micromobility” movement – the idea that a motor the size of your fist should be able to move you around the city and create new transport options. ONZO bikes were launched in Wellington in 2018 and this is your chance to find out more about how dockless bike sharing schemes operate, and how they might improve transport in your future city.

EV double decker bus

The future of transport is not just about personal cars. We will need to rely more on public transport if we want to reduce congestion and greenhouse gas emissions. Jump on board one of Tranzurban’s new electric double decker bus, 10 of which were introduced to Wellington in 2018. Learn more about how the technology works and join in some fun activities for the kids!

Cars of the future

Most experts agree that cars in the future will be electric. Come and find out more about electric vehicles and find out how they will transform our transportation industry.