Science, technology and innovation is critical to our economy and with the incredible pace of technological change we will see new jobs, new businesses and economic growth. Businesses in Lower Hutt need to be ready to move with this change so they are set up for the future. Lower Hutt has:

About 444 hectares of land zoned for business activity including Seaview.

2 Crown Research Institutes, and 2 public tertiary education providers.

Over 3,700 full-time employees in 948 businesses in the high and medium technology sector.

$397 million of GDP is accounted for in high and medium technology business.

How Council can support your business

1st assembly

Start up incubator

1st Assembly (1A) is a space for individuals and startups with a common focus – physical products. The 1A business incubation programme provides founders with the coaching and learning opportunities they need to turn great physical products into high growth businesses.

Doing business in Lower Hutt

Council offers targeted tax rebates for science and technology businesses, business advice, international relationship networks and more. See Council’s website for more on doing business here.

Testing new ideas in a real city

Have you got a new business idea or product you’d like to test in a real city environment? Get in touch to find out how we can help you test out new technologies or products in Lower Hutt.

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Technology Valley

Promoting tech in Lower Hutt

We support technology businesses and innovators in Lower Hutt through the industry-led Technology Valley Forum. Its role is to market our region and businesses as the prime New Zealand centre for growth in science, technology and innovation.

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